Track Information

The Society has an outside elevated track in the grounds of Hurworth Grange. Our members are able to use the main track when they so desire. We also carry out public running on special occasions with our portable track.


It is in the form of an oval with 50′ radius ends and straights of 150′ giving a total circuit length of approx 730′. It will accommodate 3.5″, 5″ and 7.25″ gauge locomotives and it is located in a tree-covered area.

The gradient along the straights is approximately 1:100. The width over rails and fastenings is 7″ at rail level and the minimum railtop to ground clearance is 10″


Station and steaming bay

The steaming bays are radial to a swing section of the track which also allows access to the centre of the track. There is an electric scissor lift available to enable heavy engines to be transferred between vehicles and the track.



Visitors with engines are welcome by prior arrangement (with the correct documentation). Please use our Contact Us Form for details.